If you have Android Auto, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may not work

Yesterday we presented you with an account of some of the problems of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra reported by reviewer Americans. Now that sales are officially open in Italy too, it’s worth knowing that the S22 Ultra is not the “perfect” device that some expected.

True, S22 Ultra is still very young and many bugs and lag they will definitely be fixed in the next updates. However, it is good that those who have decided to buy it on day one arrive well prepared (not to say “disillusioned”).

Another defect of Samsung Galaxy S22 has emerged in the last few hours: it seems that the top of the range of the Korean house does not get along too well with Android Autothe Google app designed to facilitate the use of the smartphone while driving.

Several users have reported connection problems of your devices to the dashboard screen in both modes (wireless and wired). In particular, trying to connect, the car display returns a black screenwhile the touch screen input continues to work.

According to the contributions collected on Redditthe problem affects some units of the S22 Ultra and also the S22 +, although it remains more common among Ultra models.

In the answers we read that on other Android devices the operation is smooth, so the bug would be limited to the recently released Galaxy devices.

In recent days, Samsung has intervened quickly enough to ensure the resolution of the problem on the screen (graphic glitch during unlocking). Also in this case, the company is expected to immediately acknowledge the inconvenience and issue an update as soon as possible.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G is available on Amazon in four colors (Green, Phantom Black, Phantom White and Burgundy) and three memory sizes (8/128 GB, 12/256 GB and 12/512 GB) at a price between € 1,279.00 and € 1,489.00. Buy it now clicking here!