Iliad outclasses everyone in customer satisfaction

During the launch of their own fiber optic offer, Iliad had cited an investigation Ipsos of January 2022, according to which the satisfaction rate of the operator’s customers would be particularly high (the sample is 750 interviewed for each operator, with the sole exception of Vodafone, which reaches 751). So let’s take a closer look at this report, which you can find in full version in the link to the source, according to which Iliad actually excels in various areas.

The first slide concerns the Net Promoter Score (NPS) di Iliad, basically the difference between promoters and detractors of a brand, and it is particularly high for iliad, thanks both to the good number of “promoters” (about double compared to competing operators), and to the low number of “detractors” (less than half compared to other operators). And what’s more that value is practically constant in the last 6 months (52.2 in August 2021, 52.3 in January 2022), a sign of the reliability perceived over time.

If we then look at how satisfied customers are with their operator, iliad is again in first place with almost half of the interviewees replying that they are very satisfied, where other operators reach around 20%. On the other hand, those who they are not at all satisfied of iliad are only 0.3%, against 1.3% of TIM2.4% of WindTre and 2.5% of Vodafone.

And even in this case, satisfaction is constant over time, indeed it has even increased a little, with 96.2% in August 2021 and 97.3% in January 2022.

Iliad’s policy, which puts the fiduciary relationship in short, it seems to bear fruit with the customer, thanks partly to the company’s commitment to keeping the commitments made, and perhaps also to the dissatisfaction with its competitors. The idyll of iliad with his public seems to be still in progress, years after his arrival in Italy; let’s just hope there’s never any reason to breakbecause a “betrayed” customer is probably more dissatisfied than a single … dissatisfied customer.