Throne of Zeth 22 – Strange Adventures 2, Lady Killer

A Il Throne of Zeth “full review” episode with many excellent releases, including Strange Adventures Vol. 2, Lady Killer, The Goddamned vol. 2, The New Travels by Emanon Encore, Immune by P. Dettmer and much more!

We have a very large section of reviews in this episode, with a special dedication to the comic of the week, that Strange Adventures Vol. 2 which closes the exceptional series of King, Gerads and Shaner and really represents a case absolutely worth analyzing.

  • Strange Adventures 2: (buy it here) the circle comes full circle and the mystery of Adam Strange, the hero of the two worlds, his wife Alanna and his missing daughter. An exciting thriller a la I Soliti Sospetti, with the superlative combo to the drawings of Gerads and Shaner. A must have, one of the top mini DC series of recent years.
  • Lady Killer Compl. Edition: (buy it on Amazon) – full version of the excellent comic by Joëlle Jones. Josie, the perfect 60s wife by day, is a hitman by night. Violence by choice, as a means of realization. Beautifully designed, waiting for the Netflix movie.
  • The Goddamned 2 – Jason Aaron and rm Guéra return to the stories of the Bible before the flood, this time with two little girls destined to become wives of angels who rebel, staining their hands with blood, out of necessity. Dirty, rough, intense, really a bomb. Readable independently.
  • Immune by Philipp Dettmer (buy it on Amazon) – the scientific popularizer Dettmer (father of Kurzgesagt In A Nutshell) writes a book with a simple but not trivial language to tell the wonders of our immune system. And he does it as if a war is in progress, complete with deployments, tactical maneuvers and epic battles. Really beautiful, I devoured it. They should take it to school!
  • Star Wars Rebels (A. Aoki): (buy it on Amazon) – the first season of the famous animated series adapted to manga in 3 volumes. Cute, dynamic.
  • Emanon Encore’s New Travels: (buy it on Amazon) – From the novels of Shinji Kajio, then drawn by Kenji Tsuruta, the new chapter of Emanon’s travels, which brings with it the memory of all biological life on Earth in an endless cycle of rebirths. Philosophical, intense, touching at times. Readable only if you know the precedents.
  • October 10 Vol. 2: (buy it on Amazon) – Paola Barbato comes alive and sheds light on the plan to sabotage the scheduling of human beings’ death dates, in a dystopian society where everything is prepackaged. Surroz to the drawings for a very particular and well-narrated series.
  • Upside Down Vol. 3: (buy it on Amazon) – The mini series of Enoch and Crosa closes, with the revelation of how gravity has reversed. Great designs and good intuition, maybe I was hoping for a more intense climax.
  • Marauders – live and die in Krakoa: (buy it on Amazon) And The New Mutants – The Sextant: (buy it on Amazon) – the series that have rebuilt the two mutant teams under the leadership of Hickman arrive in volume. Nice format, fair price for a piece of Marvel history that will be remembered in the future.
  • GX-97 DAILEON SOC: (buy it on Amazon) – from the tokusatsu series MegaBeast Investigator Juspion comes the transformable chogokin Daileon. The robot is very interesting but the series has never been broadcast in Italy.
  • Capella di Auriga Myth Cloth: (buy it on Amazon) – to complete the series of the Silver Knights comes the one we know in Italy as Agape (and who is electrocuted by Phoenix). Always beautiful.