In Japan, apartments for gamers can be rented at low prices

The Japan you know, he always has something new and crazy to offer every now and then. The homeland of the increasingly popular manga / anime and video games always manages to amaze the many fans with ideas as funny as they are brilliant. Many consider the Japanese world almost alien to the Western one, but thanks to this uniqueness it is a splendid country and which still manages to give great discussion points and very innovative news.

The new initiative that particularly struck us is called e-room, that is a rentable apartment entirely for gamers. To make this idea concrete, the Japanese e-sports company Basara, which is renting apartments for gamers called, precisely, e-rooms. In these apartments you can not only live comfortably, but they are also furnished with everything a player needs.

The rooms feature a gaming PC with monitor, mouse and keyboard, a desk and a gaming chair. PC specifications vary depending on the monthly fee; the “beginner plan” is the cheapest and has a monthly rent of 39,000 yen, about $ 340and includes a PC with a GeForce GTX1650 graphics card, an Intel Core i7 processor and 480GB SSD. The most expensive is the “elite plan” and costs 69,000 yen per month, about $ 600, and includes a PC with a GeForce RTX3070Ti graphics card, an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor and 1 TB SSD.


There are currently only two buildings offering e-rooms in Japan. Both of them can be found in the city of Sendaiin Miyagi prefecture, but Basara hopes to expand its e-rooms across the country in the future.

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