Intel expects to ship 4 million graphics cards to market in 2022

by Jordi Bercial

As we can read in Liliputingit seems that Intel is ready to fill the graphics card marketand it is that, although it is expected that before the end of March the first laptops with dedicated Intel GPUs will begin to be sent to customers, now it is expected that in the second quarter of 2022 we will start to see the first Intel dedicated cards in stores.

Even with a release at least in April, Intel expects to ship 4 million graphics cards to customers, which means that these 4 million graphics cards will arrive in stores around the world to be sold to end users, that is, the players.

Geeknetic Intel expects to ship 4 million graphics cards to market in 2022 1

Likewise, Intel expects to launch the cards for workstations during the third quarter, having a complete stack of products for home and professional users in the same year 2022. This is especially important at a time when graphics card prices are breaking all-time a little more supply and competition is what we need.

Further, a project codenamed Endgame is expected to bring cloud gaming closer to Intel usersthus being a possible service similar to GeForce NOW, while a new GPU architecture called Celestial would arrive from 2024 to compete with the highest range of GPUs on the market.

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Article Writer: Jordi Bercial

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