iPhone 13 Pro, three videos to illustrate the most advanced photographic capabilities

Apple has posted three short advertising clips on its official YouTube channel illustrating the more advanced photo features of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max – for example, the Cinematic Mode which allows you to change the focus from one subject to another in real-time and automatically (or manually, even after recording, if you prefer), the improved ability to record in the dark or in any case in very low light conditions, and the 3X optical zoom. Each of them is shown using cinematographic techniques that take advantage of them and are told in a very entertaining “meta” way. We leave them for you below:

Of course, all the material is “shot on iPhone” and the result is impressive, however, to be picky it is easy to observe how in certain points the Cinematic Mode is not exactly very precise, for example by blurring the nose of the character closest to the lens when it should be in focus and vice versa.

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