iPhone 14 promises greater autonomy, thanks to the new 5G chip

We keep talking about iPhone 14the next smartphone from Apple which will arrive during the month of September: after having seen how the design of the device could be, it is time to talk about autonomy, and how this could be longer than in the past thanks to a 5G chip.

According to theEconomic Daily News of Taiwan, the TSMC manufacturer received the specifications from Apple regarding the 5G chips: these, probably variants of the modem Snapdragon X65 Of Qualcommshould be produced using the TSMC 6 nm processwhich the vendor announced last year.

This type of process, in addition to making the physically smaller chips, guarantees a less impact on the battery smartphone: being smaller, the chips in question “will free up space” for a bigger battery. This modem, according to the official specifications, it also supports Wi-Fi 6E connectivitywhich therefore should come up iPhone 14.