iSelect, intelligent dumbbells that gain weight with voice command

SmartWorld team

The smart handlebars

The pandemic has changed our habits. Work, entertainment, communication are just some of the areas that have adapted to the circumstances that we have found ourselves living in. In addition to these, also the way to train and keep fit has changed. With the closing of gyms and sports centers, training at home has become even more common. It continues to remain so, especially for those who have special hours or do not want to spend money on a gym membership. There are several options for the home workout own, from app to train independently, to training programs created ad hoc by professionals. An interesting novelty has arrived for weightlifting enthusiasts: i smart dumbbells that adjust weight by voice.

Voice control with Alexa

That’s right, you got it right. A voice command to increase or decrease the weight of the dumbbells you have available. This new product was conceived by the US company NordicTrack. The US manufacturer of training equipment and machinery unveiled the iSelect smart handlebars. They are compatible with the voice assistant Alexawhich makes their use even easier and more user-friendly. NordicTrack designed this product for athletes who do not want to interrupt their concentration and training flow to change the dumbbell weights with each exercise. THE iSelect smart handlebars they do not need any manual intervention.

The functions of iSelect

The increase and decrease in weight of smart dumbbells is done through a simple voice command, using the Amazon assistant, or with a knob located at the base of the support that contains the handlebars themselves. Once connect smart handlebars to Alexawho owns them will be able to exploit three functions: set a certain weight, increase or decrease the weight or choose one of the preset weights to perform one of the 15 specific exercises in the iSelect system. The company explained that the system has built-in accelerometers that allow you to control the speed of the exercises. The handlebar support has a base where you can place your smartphone or tablet. iSelect it can, therefore, be a useful tool to connect to Google Fit or Aplle Fitness + to track your training and monitor improvements over time.

The iFIT training plan

With the purchase of iSelect, NordicTrack offers customers a free trial of their own iFIT workout plan. It is an interactive tool to train comfortably in your own home. The options of workout they are many and satisfy all tastes: from bootcamps to cross-training, passing through HIIT sessions of varying intensity. iFIT guides your fitness with a wide selection of personal trainers who guide the route and automatically adjust the speed, incline or resistance of the machine. The company is among the direct competitors of Peloton, a leader in the home fitness industry in the United States. The costs of NordicTrack machinery is slightly lower.

The options to adjust the weights

For those without a voice assistant, a knob is available on the support of the smart handlebars. One LED screen will show users the corresponding weight. NordicTrack he also thought about the preset workouts. This way you can quickly and easily adjust the movement weights based on the specific exercise you are about to perform. With this mode there will be no need for remember the weight of each exercise, as it will remain in memory. Therefore, one can concentrate only on one’s own workout session.

The cost of smart dumbbells

To use smart dumbbells, you need to have Alexa and have one available Wifi connection. This product is available on Amazon US at the cost of 429 dollars. This price does not include shipping costs and customs taxes. NordicTrack has been operating in the field of home training for years. The company sells exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, ellipticals, machinery that allow independent and quality training directly at home. “But we’re not just resting on our story of amazing treadmills. We’re innovating new ones home fitness solutions such as cross-trainingstrength training, interactive running, treadmill training, endurance running, studio cycling and much more “reads the official web page.