Kena Mobile is preparing to support VoLTE technology

Good news for customers Kena Mobile or for those who plan to switch to this operator: in the coming months, in fact, it will begin to offer its customers the opportunity to use the service Times.

TIM’s virtual operator plans to deactivate your 3G network and on that occasion it will enable calls on the 4G network (remember that the acronym VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE and indicates a particular technology that allows you to make telephone calls using the 4G network).

Kena Mobile turns off 3G and turns on support for VoLTE technology

According to the plans of Kena Mobile, the shutdown of the 3G network should take place between April and June 2022 (gradually up to cover the whole territory of the country) and in the same period support for VoLTE technology should be enabled.

Here is the announcement published by the telephone operator on its website:

Starting from April 2022, the 3G network will be phased out and replaced by the more performing 4G network. All Kena SIM cards will gradually be enabled for the Voice over 4G (VoLTE) service. VoLTE service is only supported on 4G enabled devices on the Kena network.

Kena Mobile specifies that each customer can check if their 4G device is VoLTE enabled on their network clicking here and reassures users that the list of supported devices is periodically updated.

Devices with 4G technology not included in this list will use the 2G network to make calls and send SMS while they continue to surf the Internet with the 4G network and their owners will no longer be able to surf while making a voice call.

As for the owners of devices with 3G technology, once the related network has been deactivated they will be able to continue making calls and sending SMS using the 2G one but will encounter significant slowdowns in Internet browsing.

You can find all the offers of Kena Mobile by following this link.

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