Kraven the Hunter: There will also be the Chameleon in the Sony Marvel movie

The Sony Marvel movie on Kraven the Hunter continues to take shape: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who has gone the lead role, will in fact be in good company. In addition to ex-Gladiator, Russel Crowe, he also joins the cast Fred Hechinger who will lend the face to another super villain. Lending THE face so to speak, since the character in question is the Chameleon and of faces, thanks to his skills in disguises, he changes many. In the Marvel comics The Chameleon is Kraven’s half-brother, as well as yet another Spider-Man’s archenemy.

To report the news is Deadline, without adding further details on the plot of the film: from previous rumors it is only known that there will be many characters linked by family relationships with Kraven, and the Chameleon is obviously among them. Among the most recent works by Hechinger they remember the HBO TV series The White Lotusthe TV miniseries Pam & Tommy (in Italy it is available on Disney +) and the film The Pale Blue Eye Of Scott Cooper with Christian Bale (filming is still in progress). The actor will also take part in the film Butcher’s Crossing Of Gabe Polsky with Nicolas Cageadaptation of the novel by John Williams.

Kraven the Hunter, for the moment, does not seem to be generating the same hype created before the debut of the last chapter of Spider-Man, as it is understandable that it is for a film based on an antihero and not on one of the main icons of the Marvel world. . However, it must be said that Sony / Marvel’s Spider-Man Universe is focusing a lot on supervillains: Kraven is the third recent film dedicated to one of Spider-Man’s enemies, think also of the feature film on Morbius (2022) and per second on Venom (already out).

These are interesting threads for fans since, beyond the story itself, they can provide ideas for narrative plots that could be created in future Spider-Man productions (at least one is already confirmed). The theatrical debut of Kraven the Hunter (directed by JC Chandor, written by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway And Richard Wenkand produced by Avi Arad And Matt Tolmach) is set for January 13, 2023.