Facebook, the Reels arrive and new revenue opportunities for creators

Almost two years after the addition of the Reels on Instagram, Facebook updates and implements the same function in over 150 countries (including Italy). From now on, millions of creators around the world will have the ability to share their content using the short videosideal for involving your audience in a simple, immediate and fun way.

One aspect that should not be underestimated is that of earnings: Facebook has invested $ 1 billion in favor of creators and pays eligible content producers up to $ 35,000 a month. Earnings are calculated based on views, but this is not the only way available to those who work with social networks.

The others monetization products it’s in-stream advertisements and the Starsthe latter already available in Italy, while the classic semi-transparent overlay banners such as those visible in the photo will soon arrive.

Facebook Reels Ads

Of course, all monetization products that are valid for video will also be extended to reels. In the coming weeks, Facebook will begin testing the Stars, useful tools to support the creators of their favorite content by sending small amounts of money.

The advertisements real ones, on the other hand, will appear between one reel and the other in full screen, and users will be able to interact with them just as they would with organic content (viewing, “liking”, commenting, saving or sharing).

For reels there are some features of basic editing integrated directly into Facebook. Also provided is the opportunity to do cross-postingthen to share the reel in various places both on Facebook (for example in groups) and outside Facebook (for example in Instagram stories).

Once a reel has been opened, it will be possible to follow its creator by tapping the appropriate button on the same screen.

Facebook Reels in groups

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