Lamborghini recalls 5000 Huracans for a miniscule flaw

Trouble for Lamborghini in the United States, even if of an absolutely negligible extent: theNHTSAthe body that deals with road safety in the US, would have officially ordered Lamborghini to start one recall campaign relating about 4800 units Of Lamborghini Huracan due to a very small problem encountered on the assembly of the cars.

To be precise they are 4796 the Huracans involved in the recall, due to some plastic caps missing within the headlights: these caps are used to cover the heads of some screws inside the headlights, and their lack is due to a human error that Lamborghini itself had taken over in 2020.

The absence of these caps would allow car owners to change the horizontal orientation of the light beam, potentially dazzling other motorists, thus creating a safety problem.

‚ÄúCustomers can reach for the horizontal adjustment screw and make changes themselves. Incorrect adjustment could blind other drivers or road users, reducing visibility on one side of the road and in the distance, increasing the risk of a road accident. “

Lamborghini tried to talk to the NHTSA for avoid the recall campaignbut the American security body does not trust give the owners of the Huracan such a chance; now Lamborghini will be obliged to recall in workshop nearly 5000 of its cars for install small plastic plugs to ensure that none of the owners can change the beam of the headlights.

Starting from the month of AprilLamborghini will contact all the owners of the cars involved and will arrange to install these caps for free, because yes you know, a misaligned headlight is one of the biggest risks you run when driving a supercar powered by a 602 horsepower V10.