LG launches 136 “professional LED display

LG has expanded the range of professional displays with the big screen from 136 “of the LAEC series (code name LAEC015). The product is designed for use in meeting rooms, video conferencing, reception/lobby and auditorium. The panel is LED with a resolution Full HD and a “pixel pitch” (also called “pitch”) of 1.56 millimeters. The screen is not a single element but is made up of various modules joined together. We are talking about 72 “tiles” of 250 x 281.25 mm arranged on a 12 x 6 grid.

LG proposes it as an “all-in-one” solution: the controller of all modules is integrated, as are the speakers, and the installation process is also simple. The basic element consists of two cabinets to be fixed to the wall or the optional motorized support (for height adjustment) with wheels. Once this step is completed, all LED modules are positioned and the power socket is connected. If a module fails over time, it can be quickly removed with the included magnetic tool.

The data sheet reports a luminance of 500 cd / m² – nit, a color temperature set at 7,300K, a viewing angle of 160 ° along both axes, and a uniformity of 98%. LG claims a contrast ratio of 3,000: 1 and 16-bit signal processing. Available connections include three HDMI inputs, a DisplayPort, a USB-A 2.0, two RS-232C ports (in and out), an infrared and ambient light sensor port, an optical digital output, and an Ethernet port. The speakers have an output of 9 W x 2.

The LAEC015 is compatible with LG One: Quick Share, a sort of USB-A dongle that includes a quad-core SoC based on Cortex-A7 architecture with 512 MB of DDR3 RAM and 4 GB of eMMC memory. The operating system is Linux and supports the decoding of video in H.264. Wireless connectivity takes advantage of 802.11ac Wi-Fi. A press of the only button present starts screen sharing on up to 4 displays at the same time; you can also control settings such as volume, picture mode, and screen brightness.

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