Logitech also contemplates Macs with M1 chips: for now in beta, but already something

Finally, on February 21, 2022, Logitech has developed software that contemplates Macs with Apple Silicon chips, like the M1s. Although it is still in beta it is still great news because it means that, finally, something is moving, and in a relatively short time those who own an Apple machine of the “new” course will be able to benefit from the smooth, “full” and adequately optimized experience that can. be guaranteed only by software compiled specifically for that hardware, and not handled with the appreciable Rosetta emulation.

The first Mac with Apple Silicon M1 dates back to November 2020 and the next generation is upon us, but so far Logitech customers of even expensive products they had to live with bugs or malfunctions generated by the control software, a Logi Options born for Mac with Intel chip and “mediated” on the M1 by Rosetta for more than a year. Anyone wishing to attempt the immediate resolution of any bugs with Logitech products on Mac M1 must, at the moment, download version 0.90 of the beta software Logi Options + through the link in STREETprovided that your peripheral is among those compatible.

We have tried to to verify that the universal app, therefore also developed for Apple Silicon chips, could really solve the malfunctions that we found on an MX Ergo trackball, which, however, is not among the supported devices for now (you can always find the others at the link in STREET). We will still have to be patient and like us many other customers, but therea definitive solution to the troubles on the Mac M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max, by now, it seems one step away.

Above Logitech MX Master 3, one of the products supported by Logi Options + 0.90 beta for Mac.