MAN, the first electric truck will arrive in 2024

The manufacturer MAN has shown in the past few hours the pre-series prototype of his electric truck, announcing that the first deliveries will arrive in two years. Not surprisingly, the manufacturer aims to pursue an important path of electrification of heavy transport that will inevitably go alongside the already consolidated one of cars.

In this perspective MAN Truck & Bus has made official that the development and launch program of his first electric truck will see an acceleration compared to the previous declarations made by the same manufacturer on the occasion of the presentation of its new production center in Munich.

According to what is widespread, therefore, the marketing of the fully electric trucks initially planned for 2025 will be brought forward to 2024 for the first 200 specimens. Date in which the same MAN will also start the experimentation of truck prototypes with hydrogen fuel cell system. Not by chance, Alexander Vlaskamp, ​​CEO of MAN Truck & Bus, stressed that hydrogen will only become relevant for commercial vehicles in several years’ time.

With the aim of bringing electrified heavy vehicles to the market, MAN is committed tooptimization commercial results in order to support investments in the electricity transition. Together with the pre-series prototype shown in the past few hours, the company has announced programs with eMobility services and solutions in order to support all customers in the early stages of use of the vehicle.

Although MAN presented the new prototype, no technical details on the model were provided. However, we know that the company has repeatedly stressed the importance of batteriessetting to work to develop its skills in battery pack assembly as early as the spring of 2021.

However, to gain more space in the main Munich plant, which is crucial for the start of series production of the electric trucks, the company moved part of its production to Krakow at the beginning of 2022 investing around 130 million euros in the expansion of the Polish plant with the intention of tripling the production capacity.