There is a new software update for the OnePlus 8T

About two months after the last update, a new software update arrives for OnePlus 8T but no, it’s not yet the turn of Android 12 that, for the medium-high range smartphone at home OnePlusit didn’t even come out in public beta.

This is, as has been happening for some time now, a minor update for this Android smartphone that is very popular also for the now aggressive price at which it is often and willingly.

The details of the update

The changelog of the new update.

The update, weighing around 120 MB, carries the OxygenOS to version (for the Global EU and NA variants) and for the variant destined for the Indian market) and is still based on Android 11.

The changelogas you can see from the screenshot (which concerns the NA version featuring the final KB05AA in the ROM version) is quite sparse and simply talks about updating the security patches in February 2022.


– Android Security Patch updated to 02.2022

The roll-out of this update will, as usual, be gradual and kicked off this morning.

There is no news yet, however, on the official release of Android 12 for OnePlus 8T: the release should, however, take place later this year.

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