Maserati, new services dedicated to customers: cars are collected at home

Maserati aims to make the car ownership experience even more unique to its customers. Precisely for this reason the new service was born Maserati Personal Service Lab. Taking the car for a service is not always a simple thing since you have to make an appointment with the dealership, make it coincide with your commitments and find someone willing to take us home while the car is under the “care” of the mechanics .

The new program created by the car manufacturer therefore aims to make it easier to manage the car even when it is time to carry out ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.

The manufacturer says that Maserati Personal Service Lab is composed by Pick-up & Delivery and Courtesy car. With this first service, the maintenance of your car is even easier. In fact, the program provides for the collection and return of the vehicle directly to the address provided.

In short, just make an appointment and a Maserati employee will go directly to the customers’ homes to recalibrate the cars. At the end of the intervention the car will be returned home in the hands of the owner. And to ensure that customers are not left without a means of getting around, the brand also offers the Courtesy Car service. As the name implies, customers can use another Maserati car while their own is in the workshop for maintenance.

Both services can be purchased both during and after the purchase of the car at any Maserati dealership. Finally, the automaker emphasizes that Pick-up & Delivery and Courtesy Car services are currently available in the EMEA region and will be available in the other regions by the end of 2022. They can be purchased for all cars in the Maserati range such as the MC20 supercar.