Mastercard launches the ‘Global Cybersecurity Alliance Program’

Mastercard announces the launch of the new ‘Global Cybersecurity Alliance Program’ with the aim of supporting all companies and organizations to make their digital ecosystems safer from cyber attacks by suppliers and third parties.

According to some estimates, in fact, it is expected that this specific type of risk will represent 60% of the total cyberattacks in 2022.

Companies and organizations are under constant pressure to monitor and efficiently protect their online presence and digital ecosystemincluding business relationships and the supply chain.

According to some data recently published by RiskRecon and the Cyentia Institute, it clearly emerges how much multi-party cyber breaches (generated through third parties) can cause financial damage up to 26 times more than attacks that have only one primary objective.

Understanding third-party risk can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive taskbecause it involves a structured analysis process of a multitude of factors that contribute to determining a company’s overall risk assessment.

Furthermore, for many organizations it is proving increasingly important to understand their risk rating, an element that is carefully watched by customers when choosing suppliers such as necessary condition for doing business.

In this context, Mastercard’s ‘Global Cybersecurity Alliance Program’ provides easy-to-use APIs to extend cyber risk monitoring and scoring to its partners and suppliers. These elements can then be used to implement a scalable third-party risk reduction program.

The goal of the program is therefore very simple: support companies in improving their IT security against attacks from third partiesthus contributing to greater peace of mind in the entire digital ecosystem.

“The acceleration to digital that has characterized the last few years has triggered a significant evolution in digital crime and its methods, bringing out the issue of fraud and cyber crime on a global level like never before”, he declared Michele Centemero, Mastercard’s Country Manager Italy.

“In a similar context, prevention is the basis of everything and like Mastercard we work to drive innovation, always putting safety at the center and investing in technologies that aim to simplify the activities of companies, enhancing its attractiveness and competitiveness at a local and international level“.

The ‘Global Cybersecurity Alliance Program’ can already count on a number of important partners in the sector at a global level: Aravo, Archer, Argos Risk, ComplyScore, CyberGRX, Deloitte, EY, HSB / Munich Re, Interos, Kroll, LogicGate, OneTrust, Privva, ProcessUnity, Standard Fusion, TealBook, Tech Mahindra, Venminder, Whistic, Wipro and many other organizations coming from more highly regulated sectors.

Alliance partners rely on Mastercard to provide their customers with reliable, accurate and easily deployable cybersecurity solutions. allowing them to improve their exposure to cyber risks and implement an environment of greater trust.

The new ‘Global Cybersecurity Alliance Program’ can rely on Mastercard’s vast ecosystem of partners and represents the brand’s commitment to ensure ever greater IT resilience in the digital economy.