Mercedes accelerates on the electric: in the future plants dedicated to the production of EVs

Mercedes prepare an important acceleration of its electrification program which has already led to the arrival on the market of models of great interest such as the flagship EQS. Confirmation came from Joerg Burzer, production director of the German company, who, during an interview with Reuters, confirmed some important news for the future strategy of the company on the electric.

According to the manager, Mercedes will not build new plants for the production of electric vehiclesthe. In fact, over the next few years the company intends to start one conversion of current production lines which, gradually, will begin to deal exclusively with the production of electric cars.

Over the course of the second half of the decade, therefore, Mercedes should begin to rely on entire factories for the production of electric cars who will work in close contact with the plants where the batteries for the zero-emission models will be built.

The change in the production system will be gradual but inevitable. Mercedes, already in the course of 2025, should record an important milestone in terms of sales of electrified cars. About 50% of Mercedes’ sales will be electric or diesel by 2025.

Furthermore, sales of electric Mercedes will progressively exceed sales of hybrids. Models like the EQA over the next few years, they will ensure rapid growth in sales of the electric range with hybrids that will play a secondary role.

By the end of the decade, therefore, the zero-emission Mercedes range will be the absolute reference of the entire offer of the German house. Over the next few years, the company will launch new models with increasing frequency, progressively adapting its network of production plants to optimize the activities dedicated to electricity more and more.