Meta / Facebook the worst company of the year, according to a survey

Facebook has changed its name, but the substance does not change for now: according to a recent survey by Yahoo Finance *, in which end-users directly took part, Meta has obtained the sad distinction of being the worst┬ácompany of the year. Particularly varied are the reasons why Mark Zuckerberg’s giant is considered the absolute worst, surpassing other companies, such as Robinhood and Nikola, and positioning itself with a good margin (+ 50% of the votes) ahead of the second classified, Alibaba the Chinese giant. e-commerce.

One of the most relevant reasons concerns the effects on children and young people of the policies adopted by the company – an issue on which the Italian Privacy Guarantor has also investigated in recent months – without neglecting the accusations of censoring certain political views. The Facebook Papers scandal and the Wall Street Journal report highlighting that Facebook is aware of the problems it causes its users did not improve the company’s image. All elements that contributed to the choice of the name change, which in the hopes of the management should bring with it an improvement in the perception of the brand.

About that, there is 30% of the survey participants believe that Meta could still redeem itself in the coming months. As? For example, admitting the mistakes made and making a substantial donation to a foundation to compensate for the damage caused. Others, however, believe that the rebrand was just a cynical attempt to turn pages, leaving the old Facebook behind. With 2021 now archived, Meta will have to demonstrate that behind a formal change of name there is a substantial change of course.

And you? Do you agree with the opinion of the survey participants? What do you think was the worst company of the year?

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