Meta opens Facebook Reels to all with new tools for creators

Yesterday evening Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook and now CEO of A halfannounced that i Facebook Reels they are officially available for everyone globally and that they put themselves available to creators new tools useful for connecting with your community and monetizing your work.

Of the landing of the Reels on Facebook we talked to you for the first time almost a year ago and then again last summer when the tests started in the United States, but now the test time is over: the function is available for anyone who wants to use it.

Facebook Reels: a new opportunity for creators

The post of Zuckerberg’s announcement opens with a consideration that is anything but negligible: already now i Reels – who were born to counter the rise of TikTok – are by far the fastest growing content format in the Meta universe.

From the desire to exploit this situation comes the introduction of the same also on Facebook all over the world. Zuckerberg sees the Facebook Reels as the best place available to creator to connect with their users and earn a living, for this reason together with the new function they are also launched new monetization tools.

In particular, the CEO draws attention to creative tools such as Remix and the possibility of create a new Reel starting from a Story already existing. Additionally, tools are being developed for create video clips which should come in handy for creators who publish live broadcasts or videos recorded in long format, so that they can experiment with different formats.

In addition, to help creators gain visibility, it has been possible to share Instagram Reels as suggested contents on Facebook. And the roll out of the Reels in Facebook Watch and the function that allows all users to share public Reels in the Stories is also underway.

In addition to this, they are testing of new monetization tools is expanding dedicated to Facebook Reels, starting with overlay ads such as banners and stickers, thanks to which more content creators will be able to earn from ads; finally, the roll out of full-screen ads among the Reels will also start, similar to what already happens on Instagram.

The latest version of Facebook for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store with the following badge. Do you like this new feature? Tell us in the comments.

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