Welcome back to the jungle, Prime Video announces the second season of The Wilds

The dystopian sleepover Of The Wilds he’s about to come back. After an Instagram treasure hunt, Prime Video announced that the Young Adults series will return on Friday May 6 – a full 17 months after the release of Season 1 – and unveiled 16 photos of the eight teenagers added to Season 2.

The Wilds follows a group of girls who get stranded on a mysterious island after a suspected plane crash. The show’s first season follows survivors trying to stay alive as they search for ways to escape their dire predicament and return home, with the tension building. Deadly situations to deal with and scarce resources lead to bitter contrasts, which are exactly the show’s great mystery, as viewers slowly realize that the plane crash is actually part of a social experiment on leadership.

The finale of the first season of The Wilds also revealed that it the same experiment was reproduced with a group of boys stuck in an equally desolate place.

The next season of the show should explore the adventures of boys in the jungle, showing how this second group survived the same adversities. Fortunately, we will also continue to follow the girls as they take on the truths they discovered in season one and we will continue to try to survive on a stranded island until they finally find a way out. Hopefully, we will also have answers as to where they are now and what happened to Martha.

The new season of The Wilds will be available from May 6 exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories around the world.