Microsoft Surface Duo 3 Coming, But Not This Year

The third-generation Microsoft Surface Duo may not arrive this year: Microsoft has it in the pipeline, of course, but it will likely be released in 2023, it is not clear when. Colleagues say so Windows Central who are generally very well informed about Microsoft’s movements (especially in the consumer field) and have several internal contacts that have proven to be reliable in the past.

According to the source, this year Microsoft wants to focus more on the software aspect than on the hardware – improve and refine the current user experience, add new features, and so on. Microsoft has given the green light to the Surface Duo initiative for at least three generations, and the feeling is that it could insist on the format for a fourth. In any case, at the moment there are no concrete details on the innovations that the new folding dual-screen will bring, but among the most popular is support for wireless charging, thinner bezels, and perhaps a reduction, if not complete elimination, of the camera protrusion (which is quite pronounced on the Surface Duo 2).

The video deals with several other interesting themes, including the possibility that Microsoft will launch a new brand for PCs parallel to Surface (spoiler: we don’t even talk about it!) And, always remaining on the Surface Duo theme, of the possible update to Android 12L. According to the source, it is very likely, for several reasons: in the meantime, Microsoft has promised at least three major Android updates, and then the Surface Duo is precisely the type of device that would benefit most from the “point release”, designed specifically for folding smartphones and Tablet.

Already at the beginning of the year, the same source had reported the rumor that Microsoft will probably completely skip Android 12 “smooth” and focus on 12L. Unfortunately, we do not have any information on the timing at the moment. However, it is worth remembering that the distribution of the update to Android 11 for the first-generation Surface Duo has just begun.