Morgan Super 3, the past that returns in a modern guise

A little over a month after the release of the teaser, Morgan officially unveiled the new one Super 3heir of the very famous Three-Wheeler, a 3-wheeled car that the English company had designed more than a century ago. Today this particular 3-wheeled car returns in a version completely revised on a technical levelto improve performance and driving pleasure.

The new Morgan Super 3 is softer in lines, and more graceful: there is no longer the engine that pops up at the front limiting the driver’s view, but almost everything is hidden under the body panels. The new Morgan Super 3 is based on a monocoque aluminum frame – to reduce weight and increase structural rigidity – and it can be said that practically all the components used are new compared to the original Three Wheeler.

The passenger compartment is minimal but offers solutions made with care, and does not disdain some more modern elements such as the digital instrumentation and the USB sockets; one of the few elements taken from the original Three Wheeler is located right in the cockpit, and is the on and off button clearly inspired by aeronautics.

Morgan Super 3

As for the engine, Morgan has abandoned the V-twin in favor of a Ford 3-cylinder 1.5-liter enginecombined with a manual transmission 5-speed from the Mazda MX-5. At the moment we have no information on the performance offered by this engine, but considering the low weight – 635 kg dry – and the very particular technical approach of this car, it is reasonable to expect intoxicating performance and breathtaking acceleration.

The new Morgan Super 3 will be produced in England at the Pickersleigh Road plant, in Malvern, and for the time being it can only be sourced in a few selected countries of Europe with a price starting at around 42,000 euros. If spending is not an issue, Morgan lends itself to customizations carried out at the request of the individual customer, so as to make each Morgan Super 3 a car made to measure for the buyer.