News coming soon for the external display of Galaxy Z Flip3

The external display of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is quite small, but the small size has not prevented the developer of CoverScreen OS from expanding its functionality with options to launch an app drawer, open applications and perform direct actions on notifications without having to open the smartphone. foldable by Samsung. Thanks to a new update, CoverScreen OS is now getting some more news.

CoverScreen OS introduces new features for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 external screen

The new beta version 3.1 of CoverScreen OS adds new quick controls to the already integrated options to enable / disable Bluetooth, flashlight, do not disturb mode, etc.

Now you can turn GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, hotspot, power saving mode, screen brightness and more on and off right from the small external display.

The update also allows you to add any widgets to the external display without pixel issues, plus you can now open and send replies to notifications via voice typing.

Another interesting feature is the Flex mode which keeps the external screen on allowing you to access all the features of CoverScreen OS even when the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is in the open position, for example playing content, also you can open any app on the screen of cover with portrait or landscape orientation. Finally, Edge Lighting is now also available which applies a solid color or gradient to the external display.

Not all features lend themselves to use on the Galaxy Z Flip3’s small external screen, but some like Edge Lighting and Quick Toggles might be handy. You can download the latest version of CoverScreen OS from the Google Play Store via the badge below.

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