Soundpeats T2 review: good audio quality and ANC for less than 50 €

If you hang out on Amazon, you’ve probably seen SoundPeats’ products on promotion: they are a relatively new company, mainly producing low-priced earphones.

Over time, SoundPeats has carved out an important slice of aficionados, who on reddit and in Amazon reviews recommend the company’s earphones as an excellent alternative for value for money. For this, I decided to try a couple and have been using the SoundPeats T2 for the past few weeks to see if they live up to expectations.

The sales package does not reserve any surprises: inside we find the usual standard equipmentthat is a USB / USB-C cable for charging and two pairs of additional rubber pads (which are added to those applied by default).

Both earphones and cases are made of plastic, with overall good build quality: they look solid enough, even if they certainly don’t shine for materials or design.

The earphones are a little chubby and surely those who don’t like in-ear will not like them. They’re bulky, which is good in terms of sound insulation, but obviously doesn’t help in terms of comfort.

They are quite firm in the ears and, also considering the IPX5 certification which guarantees resistance to splashes, should be fine for not too intense workouts. The case is quite compact and will fit comfortably in any pocket.

The sound quality is one of the aspects that convinces the most of the earphones: i 12mm driver they do a good job and, considering the price range, offer a fairly rich sound, with a decent sounstage.

As is often the case with budget earphones, the audio is a bit oriented towards the bass, round and pleasant. Overall it is a bit of a shame for those looking for a more neutral profile, because the mids and highs are also not bad, but the predominant bass “weighs down” the ratings a bit.

Unfortunately it is not possible to adjust the equalization, since there is no dedicated companion app (the SoundPeats app that you find on Android and iOS does not support this model).

There are ANC and transparency modes, which work well enough for the price. Don’t expect top-of-the-range noise cancellation but, also thanks to the shape that favors sound insulation, the SoundPeats T2 do a good job and significantly reduce annoying noises. Unfortunately, both ANC and transparency modaltà they are very affected by the wind: if there is enough wind against it, you will always hear a rustle (and in this case, better activate the Normal mode)

The controls are touch and have a little bit of ups and downs: in movement it is not always immediate to give a double tap correctly. However, the available controls are very comprehensive (and sensible), I summarize them below:

SX Headset:

  • Tap: Volume –
  • Double tap: Play / Pause
  • Triple tap: Voice assistant
  • Prolonged tap: ANC / Normal / Transparency

DX Headset:

  • Tap: Volume +
  • Double tap: Play / Pause
  • Triple tap: Voice assistant
  • Prolonged tap: Next track

Bluetooth is in version 5.1 and the connection with the smartphone has always been immediate.

The microphones are sufficient but certainly not excellent: they are fine for a conversation in the house, in relative silence, but they suffer a lot in case of important noises in the surroundings.

Autonomy is excellent: 8 hours on a single charge with ANC active, or up to 10 hours without ANC. The case provides two full recharges, for a total of 30 hours in total.

Unfortunately in terms of battery (I think …?) I have to report one unpleasant problem which happened to me: just as I was writing the review, the right earbud suddenly stopped working. The LED did not turn on and it did not even seem to charge. I did a quick Google search and found that this is a problem relatively commonpossibly related to some defective batches.

Searching the web, more than one user suggested that it could be a charge management problem and that the solution was to simply leave the offending headset in the case (charged) for a long time, so that once the battery was completely exhausted, recharge completely.

I tried and it actually worked: after a day, the right earpiece started working again. Now, it is clear that similar problems can arise with any headset (or product, in general) and I am sure that models that have never given me any problems, for other users have been a usability nightmare: however, precisely because the problem it seemed relatively common to me online, I couldn’t help but significantly lower the review rating, which would have been more flattering otherwise.

The SoudPeats T2 cost 48 € on Amazon: excluding the problem just mentioned, the price is fair considering the sound quality and performance of the ANC, although it must be said that it suffers a lot from the weight of the competition of other models in the same price range (such as the 1MORE PistonBuds Pro) or with slightly higher price (like the Soundcore Life P3).

Final judgement

SoundPeats T2

The SoundPeats T2 are a good model of true wireless earbuds for the cost – they have full-bodied sound with good bass, great battery life, ANC and interesting microphones. Too bad for the absence of a companion app, the automatic Play / Pause and above all the occasional charging problems, which make you feel the weight of the competition, now very fierce in this price range.

Final vote

SoundPeats T2


  • Good audio quality for the price
  • Excellent autonomy
  • ANC and transparency mode
  • Low price


  • Occasional (but annoying) charging problems (?)
  • No companion app
  • No automatic Play / Pause

Giuseppe Tripodi

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