Role-playing game: the releases of February 2022

Here we are again for the usual monthly column dedicated to the news of the market Role playing game. The post-Christmas lull drags on until this month of February 2022, which turns out to be decidedly park of new proposals. Even the foreign market does not sail in deep waters, being completely devoid of particularly interesting proposals and seeing the release of the role-playing game The One Ring, which should have seen the light at the beginning of the month, slip towards the end of next March. . But let’s not delay and let’s see what are the new titles for this February 2022, proposed on the role-playing market by the various publishers in the sector.

Raven Distribution

The Call of Cthulhu

For all fans of the horror role-playing game most loved in the world, The Call of Cthulhuwhich makes the atmospheres and the Myths of the Lovecraftian talesthe time has come to celebrate! This fantastic role-playing game, in fact, has just completed forty years and what better way to celebrate them than with a new one deluxe reissueexclusive and in limited edition of its regulation, reached the 7th edition?

It is therefore a volume with worked cover in a thousand infinite details in imitation leathercoloring of the coast of the pages in red FOIL metallicfabric bookmarks, full color and A4 format, with personalized dust jacket. Impossible to let it get away!

Wyrd Editions

Blue Rose

Role play: February 2022

The publishing house Wyrd Editionsin this month of February 2022, proposes the role-playing game romantic fantasy Blue Rosecurrently available in alimited editionwhich will no longer be offered in the future.

Set in Aldis, the Kingdom of the Blue Rose, Blue Rose presents a world of resplendent light, which shines after the dark age of the Witch-kings. Now, the envoys of the Royal Elite work to protect Aldis from threats such as the dark kingdom of Kern and the fanatical Theocracy of Jarzon, as well as monsters and corrupted magic, a legacy of the Shadow Wars fought by the Witch-kings. Aided by the rhydan, the psychic animals their allies, the champions of the Blue Rose protect the Light from the power of the Shadow.

Blue Rose, allows players to venture into the fantastic world of Aldea. System based Adventure Gaming Engine (AGE), Blue Rose offers everything players will need to start a game.