Nissan updates its Leaf with minor cosmetic tweaks

Nissan has “tweaked” yours Leaf presenting the “Model Year 2022”. Although the future of the electric is marked – it will be replaced by an electric crossover – the car manufacturer wanted to carry out a final restyling. Nothing worth mentioning, except for small modified elements, starting with the new Nissan logo on the rims.

Also, they are available the new 16 and 17 inch rimsi, with glossy black elements. At the same time, the colors in which the car will be available have increased: added Universal Blue and Magnetic Blue. On the interior, no news. In the second half of 2022, however, support for Amazon Alexa will arrive.

On driving aids, the system was introduced ProPILOT which allows the car to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front and to slow down (as well as guaranteeing the restart autonomously). Finally, the car can also rely on function e-Pedal which allows you to accelerate, decelerate and stop only with the use of the accelerator pedal.

On the engines no changes, while the prices will start from € 32,200 (€ 29,500 with the discounts provided by Nissan). The car can be ordered from April 2022.