Stellantis, all electrified models arriving until 2023

Stellantis, yesterday, shared the results of 2021. The first year of the new automotive group, as we have seen, went very well with over 13 billion in profits. On March 1st, Stellantis will finally illustrate its new business plan. While waiting to know the Group’s strategy in detail, we can find a small preview of what will arrive in the next few years in a slide of the presentation of the data of the 2021 vintage.

Indeed, Stellantis synthesized a schematic of the next electrified models to come for the years 2022 and 2023 for all or almost all of its brands.


Between 2022 and 2023, the Group will launch 13 new electric cars and 4 Plug-ins. Let’s start from Alfa Romeo. According to what can be seen, the Tonale is the only new electrified model expected to be launched in this period. Car which, as we know, is also offered in a Plug-in version. No news on the way, however, for Chrysler. For Citroen several new features are planned. By the end of next year, the Plug-in version of the C5 X will debut as well as two unspecified 100% electric models. As for the Dodge, a new Plug-in model is on the way.

DS has no plans the launch of no new electrified model. Moreover, its current range can already count on several electrified cars. News could arrive after 2023 but for more information we will have to wait for the Stellantis plan. Regarding Fiat, a new electric will make its debut within the next year. It should be the B-SUV of which much has been speculated in the past or the new electric Fiat Panda based on the Centoventi concept.

Fiat Professional, on the other hand, by the end of 2023 will make its debut with the electric version of the Scudo and another 100% electric model that is still unpublished. Let’s move on to Jeep which will introduce a new electric to the market. It should be a B-SUV that will share the foundations with other similar models from the Stellantis Group. The brand has also recently introduced the Plug-in version of the Grand Cherokee.

Let’s move on to Maserati which by 2023 will introduce the electric versions of the Gran Turismo, the Gran Cabrio and the Grecale. These are very important innovations that have been talked about for some time. As for Opel, however, we only talk about the introduction of the electric versions of the new Astra and the new Astra Station Wagon. Models that will go alongside the Plug-in versions.

As for Peugeot, the French brand will debut the electric 308 by 2023, which will also be offered in a station wagon version. The Peugeot C Crossover will also arrive and will be offered with a Plug-in powertrain. The 308 Plug-in station wagon is also on the market. Finally, RAM will debut a new electric van, the ProMaster.

The slide does not show all the brands of the Stellantis Group including Launch. The reason is that the news for this brand should only arrive from 2024.