No Exit: interview with the protagonists of the new thriller on Disney Plus

No Exit is an old-school thriller in which a handful of characters and a small isolated place become the protagonists and scenery of a story that is dense, powerful, compelling and full of twists that shuffle the cards on the table. You can find our review here.

To supplement it, in this article we propose our interview with two of the protagonists of this new film by 20th Century Fox: it is about Dale Dickeyknown for playing the role of Patty in the television series My Name Is Earl (find the box with the first season of the series in Italian here on Amazon), and of Dennis Haysbertwho plays God in Lucifer (here you can read our review of the final season of the series).

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In No Exitthe actors play the role of a couple: Ed (Dennis Haysbert) is a former military man, a strong and resolute man, while his wife Sandi (Dale Dickey) is an easygoing and kind-mannered woman.

No Exit: the interview with Dale Dickey and Dennis Haysbert

Below you will find a transcript of our interview with Dennis Haysbert and Dale Dickey, while at the end of the article you can also find the full video interview, in English.

No Exit

How did you feel playing your roles? You are very close, and we see this, so what was it like working together?

It was absolutely wonderful, I mean, you know who he is, right? It’s Dale Dickey, he’s phenomenal! We got along right away. Their story is very dramatic, but love is always at the base. Working with her is amazing.

Well, I have to say that as soon as we arrived in New Zealand, Dennis and I met Damien Power, the director, and for about two hours we just talked about our characters and their backgrounds. Dennis and I had never met, but we found each other right away, we understood the characters, so it was a great experience. We developed it together and tried to show it on the screen. I was very happy to work with a great actor like Dennis. And the guys were terrific too.

As spectators, No Exit it’s a film that keeps you in suspense, but how does it feel to be acting in a thriller film?

An absolute joy! It was a bit like being in a theater playing a play. Think The Twilight zone. It was like shooting the movie in a glass ball with snow: you know you can’t leave, so everything you have to do has to be done in that little space, and it was really cool to be a part of it, but it is even more beautiful to look at.

I must add to this that it has been a great fortune to work with an incredible group, apart from me and Dennis, who are the most mature actors in the group. The three boys, in addition to the little one, Havana (Rose Liu), Danny (Ramirez) and David (Rysdahl): brilliant young actors. We immediately connected to the story thanks to Damien (Power), the director. It was a great trip and I am very proud to have participated. Particularly because of this man, Dennis (Haysbert): with him you are in good hands!

I was never worried about what Dale was doing. My problem was being up to him! It conveys emotions, and it is rare to see this emotional availability in actors today. I was very happy to have seen it and to have worked on it together.

We gave each other what we needed, and it was nice.

No Exit is available for viewing exclusively on Disney Plus. For more information on how the service works and how to view it, we recommend reading our article.

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