Now only one app is needed to control all Philips Hue smart lights

The smart lights of the Philips Hue series are among the most known and appreciated intelligent lighting systems ever and now, with thelatest update for the official appeven their management finally becomes a little smarter.

If in the weeks ago we had talked to you about a handy application that allows you to control Philips Hue smart bulbs directly from the smartwatch, now we focus on the manufacturer’s main application.

Philips Hue: the news of the 4.13 update

Philips Hue lamps offer a wide range of interesting and useful features, especially – as indicated by the appropriate asterisk on the Google Play Store – when connected via Hue Bridge. Users who decide to do without it have to control the lights via Bluetooth and be content with a less advanced use.

Furthermore, until a few days ago, the latter users were also required to download and use a separate application for the management of their smart bulbs. Thankfully this has changed with the latest update of the main app Philips Huewhich made the specific one superfluous Philips Hue Bluetooth. The change, it must be said, had already been the subject of sightings, but now it is there for all to see.

With the transition to version 4.13, the first app gains the ability to manage lights connected via Bluetooth and in fact makes the second a useless duplicate. The news is visible in the screenshot below, while below you will find the official update changelog.

– New Philips Hue users can now use the Hue app to control their Bluetooth setup. If you already use the Hue Bluetooth app, keep using it for now – you’ll be prompted to move to this app in a future app update.
– Bug fixes and performance improvements.

How to update Philips Hue

As stated in the changelog, the manufacturer recommends users of the Philips Hue Bluetooth app (downloadable at this link) to continue using it until the switch to the main one is automatically suggested with a subsequent update. Version 4.13 of the Philips Hue it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store using the badge below.

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