Gran Turismo 7 already on eBay! PS4 version for less than 60 €!

If you are a racing game enthusiast and can’t wait to get your hands on new (and highly anticipated) chapter of the Gran Turismo sagathen you will be happy to know that the new PlayStation exclusive title can be pre-ordered on eBay at the unmissable price of € 59.90against the 70,99 € of the original price!

We are talking about a saving of around 11 eurosthat for a game still in preorder they are not bad at all, especially considering that the available version, that is the PS4 one, guarantees the free update to the version PlayStation 5making this little discount even more compelling and affordable!

Full of news and designed to satisfy both fans of pure simulation and not, Gran Turismo 7 it is the new incarnation of what it is a milestone in the world of video games dedicated to drivingproposing itself as a complete and richly defined simulation, in which at the center of everything is the cult for the automobile at 360 degrees.

From racing around the world to car modification and maintenance, Gran Turismo 7 wants to propose itself as a varied and multifaceted experiencewhich can keep players busy with hours and hours of racing, whether alone or with friends, thanks to the rich multiplayer mode.

Technically excellentand with a truly impressive weather management, even for new generation titles, Gran Turismo 7 is an unmissable title for PlayStation fans, and for racing game lovers in general, and that’s why this eBay offer, with the discounted gameit should certainly be caught on the fly!

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Buy Gran Turismo 7 for € 59.90 instead of € 70.99

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