OnePlus will allow you to test new products not yet on the market

Buying a new device on day one is often not a great solution. It happens that non-perfect products are launched on the market that can create certain headaches. OnePlus but has a solution, and he presented it to his community today.

An advanced test program reserved for a few users

The program, called “Friendly User Testing” (FUT), allows a select group of interested users to try out products long before they go on sale. However, there are some requirements to participate. Among these thebe 18 years old And live in one of the countries chosen by OnePlus (spoiler: there is no Italy). After successful application, a confidentiality clause must be signed e it will not be allowed to keep the device after the test phase, which should last around 5-6 months.

The FUT program is a great opportunity for us to listen to your feedback and improve the quality and usability of our software. It also helps us identify important issues and bugs at a very early stage, fix them, and release more stable and better quality software builds.

Before registering to participate in FUT, you must know the requirements to participate as a tester.

  • Be 18 or older,
  • have their legal residence in India or in the following European countries: Finland, Poland, Sweden, Cyprus, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands

As a FUT tester you need to fulfill the following requirements and tasks:

  • Sign an NDA with OnePlus and strictly follow the rules
  • Return the device when the FUT program is finished
  • Use the prototype device as a daily device during the test phase
  • Be active in providing feedback, bugs and collecting logs

This FUT program runs in collaboration with the dedicated team who have already recruited several testers, and will be recruiting 20 community users by December 28th. This is also why the number of regions is limited to meet the needs of the department. A FUT schedule typically lasts 5-6 months, and being a good tester / bug hunter will increase your chances of being invited to the next FUTs.

We hope that this new program will allow you to have even better devices in the future and avoid stability problems as with the OxygenOS 12 on OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro.

And what do you think of this OnePlus program? Would you like to join if it came to us? Let us know in the comments.

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