OPPO Enco X2 premium headphones are official: the details

On the sidelines of the presentation of the new high-end smartphones OPPO Find X5 and Find X5 Prothe Chinese giant also presented its new ones true wireless headphones chat in recent days, a high-end model. They are called OPPO Enco X2have been created in collaboration with Dynaudio, have a dedicated noise cancellation system and, in the paragraphs below, we will talk about it in detail (as far as we can see since the official information leaked is not so numerous).

Technical characteristics and functions of the OPPO Enco X2 headphones

Available in two colors, black and white, the new OPPO Enco X2 headphones are in-ear wireless, as per the current trend, which were built in collaboration with the Danish audio producer Dynaudio who took care of the sound signature.

To justify the high range in which they are placed, the design a dual coaxial driver with a quadruple magnet planar tweeter engaged in handling the high frequencies, and a second 11mm dynamic driver that thinks on the other hand of the bass.

Audio aside, the OPPO Enco X2 support the Bluetooth 5.2, LHDC 4.0 (with encoding speeds up to 900 kbps), and boast a system of noise cancellation which guarantees a maximum depth of reduction of environmental noise equal to 45 dB and a width of 4 kHz.

Price and availability of OPPO Enco X2 headphones

Although they have been announced just now, the information on the prices and on the availability of the OPPO Enco X2 headphones on the Italian market. However, on the cost side, looking at the price list of the previous model that they replace, equal to 179 euros, they will hardly differ on these levels. In any case, we will be able to tell you more as soon as possible OPPO publicly declare everything.

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