OPPO Find N is a tough nut to crack and it proves it in this endurance test

A little over a month ago OPPO made its official entry into the world of folding smartphones by announcing OPPO Find N and proving once again to never leave anything to chance: the level of maturity already expressed by this first folding has found further confirmation in the classic resistance test by JerryRigEverything.

OPPO Find N: bends, but does not break

Samsung has already put together a great deal of experience in the field of leaflets, making mistakes and learning from their mistakes until they put their signature on foldable best known and appreciated in circulation, those Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (here is our review) and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G (here is our review) which are now benchmarks for the segment. Huawei had already shown that it knows how to do it and has just tried again with Huawei P5o Pocket and Xiaomi is working hard.

However, there is another Asian brand that has already shown that it is not afraid to experiment: after having shown far more extreme solutions, it is not surprising that OPPO made a slap-up foldout on the first try.

The resistance test by JerryRigEverything (aka Zack Nelson), shows that OPPO Find N is built very well, starting from the wise use of materials: the opaque rear glass resists scratches without problems, while the screens – both the external one with Gorilla Glass Victus than the more delicate internal screen – behave exactly as expected.

OPPO’s work to hide the fold of the display, the sturdy hinge that lends itself to various opening angles, and the precise closure of the smartphone which, when folded, also passes the “flash test” are just some of the highlights.

The internal display is not even afraid of the flame, which instead damages the external one and not even a dip in dust and debris undermines the OPPO Find N hinge, which does not even break down when the good Zack tries to break it.

For more details, find the video source.

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