Oppo, from 2019 reduced by 95% the plastic used for the packaging of phones

Oppo has anticipated to the press one of the topics it will bring to the Mobile World Congress 2022 scheduled in a few days in Barcelona. L’Oppo Sustainability Report 2021 illustrates the results obtained in terms of integration of sustainable practices and ecological principles along the entire life cycle of the products, in line with the brand mission Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the Worldwhich in Italian can be rendered with Technology for humanity, kindness for the world.

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31 Jan


The company explains that it is committed to reducing the weight of the packaging so as to optimize the long journeys from the production sites to the distribution channels, reducing the share of CO2 emissions, and to create sustainable through the use of recycled, recyclable and bio-degradable materials, thus complying with the principle of 1D and 3R (missing from the previous appeal r reduction of virgin raw materials).

The commitment is put in black and white by the numbers released by Oppo, which from 2019 to today, starting from the European market, has reduced the plastic used for smartphone packaging by 95%while for the plastic materials that currently cannot be eliminated Oppo has chosen the biodegradable polylactic acid or PLA. In addition, around 45% of smartphone packaging distributed in Europe is made with recycled fiber so from reduce the use of virgin raw materials.


Said of the packaging, Oppo’s commitment has involved the software in order to deliver the methods for extend the life span of the products. The company mentions the Battery Health Engine which promises to have 80% of the remaining battery capacity after more than 1,600 charge and discharge cycles (complete, in the sense that a 100% to 50% discharge constitutes half a cycle).

Oppo has therefore made many efforts on the European market to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible, but there is still room to do more. For example, the system in force in China on the recycling and reuse of used smartphones which has made it possible to revive over 1.2 million products and save more than 216 tons of electronic waste or WEEE, which today represent one of the most burning problems for the planet.

In our part, at the moment, Oppo is limited to providing economic support to local recycling centers, to participate in the recycling program Green Dot for packaging waste and to cooperate with third party recycling companies.

In parallel with the initiatives to protect the environment, Oppo has worked for foster digital inclusion, health and well-being, and the empowerment of young people. The example is the Color Vision Enhancement, which offers 766 display profiles ensuring customized solutions for those who suffer from color blindness or have difficulty in perceiving colors. Appointment at MWC 2022 in Barcelona with the theme Shape the Future.