Mercedes, in the future factories dedicated only to electric cars

Mercedes is pursuing an ambitious electrification strategy. This work also concerns the restructuring of its factories which will have to be adapted in order to be able to build the new generation battery cars that the German brand plans to launch in the coming years. In this regard, interesting information arrives in a Reuters interview with Joerg Burzerhead of production of the German carmaker.

The German executive highlighted that Mercedes aims to have entire factories exclusively dedicated to the production of electric cars by the second half of the decade. However, the plans do not include the construction of new factories. The current production lines will continue to be used flexibly in order to respond quickly to market needs.

Building a whole new electric vehicle factory takes time. We have taken another approach. In the next few years we will certainly have some lines that will only produce electric vehicles, while later entire factories will switch to producing only electric cars but this is something that will happen in the second half of the decade.

Therefore, the adaptation of the plants will be progressive according to the needs of the market. A different strategy from that followed by other car manufacturers who are already equipping their factories to produce only battery-powered cars.

Obviously, Mercedes production processes will also change over time. As of 2025, Mercedes expects electric and hybrid cars to account for 50% of its sales. In particular, of this 50%, the highest sales should concern the 100% electric models. Currently, these cars are built in factories where endothermic models are also produced. The batteries arrive at the production sites from the main plant in Sindelfingen.

In the future, this pattern is bound to change. Indeed, the production of batteries could be approached to the factories where electric cars will be produced. Among the first models that could, in the future, have a dedicated line is the new Mercedes EQE that we got to see closely at the Munich Motor Show 2021. It will be produced in Bremen by the end of the year and then also in Beijing. and Tuscaloosa. The German brand expects a lot from this car and believes it could generate high sales volumes.