Pixel 7 is also in a hurry to be seen: the first renders show the design

Pixel rhymes with leak, even if it doesn’t seem like it. There is a common thread, by now we know, that unites the various generations of Google smartphones to the same destiny: that of being anticipated very, very wide in advance. To the point that with Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, last year, the Mountain View giant decided to unveil the two smartphones very far in advance and in full autonomy, thus anticipating the leaks – or rather, taking the reins, in a sense. A surprising move, even considering that the two devices in question (which we told you about in our review) present important innovations compared to the predecessors above and below the body, with a renewed aesthetic and the Tensor proprietary SoC.

23 Feb

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro now available in Italy at 649 and 899 euros, but there are few!

03 Feb

But this year it seems that things will go back to going differently. While Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have recently arrived in Italy, in fact, yesterday the first renderings that show the design of Pixel 7 Pro. And today, always thanks to the usual OnLeaksthe turn of those who have the basic model as their protagonist arrives, Pixel 7.


Again, as for the older brother, the similarities with the current generation are marked in the cornerstones of aesthetics. And therefore on Pixel 7 remains the two-tone back characterized by the horizontal black band that collects the cameras and makes the appearance of Google’s smartphones unique and recognizable. Even from the front, the similarities are many, with a screen that retains flat edges, thin bezels that seem superimposable to the one seen on Pixel 6, and the selfie cam placed in a small central hole.


But on closer inspection, the renders show not only many similarities but also some differences, even if they have to split the Pixel in four, almost. The most conspicuous is the rear “fascia” of the cameras that does not stop when it meets the frame (light, unlike Pixel 6’s dark one), but continue until you touch the display frame on the front of the device. And speaking of cameras: it looks like Google will put in greater evidence of the two sensorsplacing them in an internal pill-shaped element.

As usual, it is worth remembering that at the moment there is nothing confirmed, and that therefore in the end we may find ourselves in front of a different product. Even if the source, OnLeaks, usually when it is unbalanced it is difficult to make a mistake, and the Pixels as mentioned at the beginning have a long and proven tradition of leaks arrived well in advance. The idea of ​​a generation that does not upset the many innovations introduced with Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, then, is credible. What is certain is that by now the flow of leaks has started, and that in the coming months we will hear more about the new Pixels.