Dyson V8: powerful and wireless, today at the lowest price ever!

After having proposed a series of occasions available on the large Amazon catalogwe now inform you that on eBay there is the lowest price ever theDyson V8 vacuum cleaner. In fact, the portal offers it for only € 299.00a price that will remain so perhaps for a few hours.

Net of a few years on the shoulders, the Dyson V8 still remains today among the most recommended models, being able to guarantee one optimal cleaning on any type of surface. Furthermore, we are faced with a model that has been able to revolutionize the vacuum cleaner market, pushing the competition to get in the way, without ever getting close to the point of putting the well-known manufacturer in difficulty. The engine and its batteries, in fact, generate a power of well 115 Air Wattwhich results in a speed of 110,000 revolutions per minute, allowing the electric broom to easily vacuum even the most difficult dirt. As for autonomy, the Dyson V8 ensures 40 minutes of continuous use which, although they are comparable to some similar solutions, have the advantage of always operating at maximum power.

The Dyson V8 is a vacuum cleaner that we could still define today as a top of the range, given that it is difficult to find at the same price a solution capable of retain dust and allergens like this specific model that, you think, manages to imprison in its convenient dust container up to 0.3 microns. It is also worth noting that the wall mount also acts as a recharge.

The front brush and the tube can be replaced with some of the accessories present in the package, accessories that will help you remove dust in the places not accessible with the classic front brush. Regardless of which brush or cleaning method you apply, the suction power will always be high. In addition, Dyson solutions boast excellent acoustic engineeringabsorbing vibrations and reducing the noise of the vacuum cleaner.

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