PlayStation Plus, a leak reveals the free PS4 games of March 2022 [AGG.]

The official announcement of Sony will arrive this afternoon, but in the meantime an indiscretion may have revealed what the free PS4 games of March 2022 on PlayStation Plus. The information comes from “billbil-kun”, a user of the Dealabs forum who in the past has correctly revealed other PS Plus titles.

Update at 15.32 The same source has revised its indiscretion stating that the PlayStation Plus games of March 2022 will be Team Sonic Racing, Ghostrunner And Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. We await official confirmation.

Hello or good evening everyone. Recently, I was interested in Ark Survival Evolved and Team Sonic Racing and wanted to purchase them to play on my PS5. Knowing that I don’t actually have any money, I am reluctant to buy it. But, hey, eventually I’ll wait maybe until the beginning of next month

A slightly sneaky but obvious suggestion to show us that they are right Ark Survival Evolved And Team Sonic Racing the PS4 titles of March 2022 on PlayStation Plus. The identity of the third game remains unknown at the moment, which we will know later anyway.

We know the two games leaked for the PlayStation Plus of March 2022

Ark Survival Evolvedas the name suggests, is a survival game set on a mysterious island in which we will have to use our cunning to kill or tame the primordial creatures that inhabit it and in the meantime decide how to relate to other players: survive together, face them or flee?

Team Sonic Racing is a Mario Kart-like starring some historical SEGA characters, obviously starting with Sonic. The game, an arcade racing game, allows you to face friends in team-based multiplayer races. It is possible to choose between three different types of characters and to customize the vehicle available in the way you prefer.

Two games therefore profoundly different from each other, which aim to satisfy different palates. Since these are titles launched for PlayStation 4, we expect to know, as mentioned, the identity of the third game, which will be for PlayStation 5. There has been talk of It was, but it seems a fairly unlikely eventuality. We won’t have to wait long to find out, however.