Pokmon Presents fresh from the announcement: date, time and what we can expect

As was to be expected, also this year the Pokémon Day will be an opportunity to learn about the news for the future of pocket monsters. The series of announcements these days concerning the most recent games in the franchise, in fact, will culminate in a Pokémon Presents.

The presentation will then take place Sunday 27 February at 3pm Italian time. It will be, as usual, the equivalent of a Nintendo Direct, only entirely focused on the Pokémon brand. The curiosity to know what awaits us is obviously great and expectations are likely to rise too much. The hype can be limited duration of the event, which will be of 14 minutes. Even if in reality it is still a long enough time to place some important announcement.

The main suspects, of course, are two: the Pokémon Legends DLC: Arceusthe title released in January and which gave a strong shake to the foundations of the franchise, and then the revelation of a new generation, the ninthand therefore of an unprecedented pair of games that will become part of the main trend, collecting the legacy of Spada and Scudo.

As far as we know now we could see the double announcement, to only one, or none at all. Logic suggests it’s too early to distract fans’ attention from the all-new Legends: Arceus, which is also selling very well, aging it prematurely to divert the focus to the next generation, which traditionally should arrive in November. More plausible to see it in the summer, on the occasion of E3, another moment in which a Pokémon Presents traditionally falls.

Always following the intuition, therefore, we could imagine that more easily we will be able to see the DLC of Legends: Arceus, also because in the game, normally unexplored areas have already been discovered that point in this direction. Obviously, not only these two pawns are at stake, but many other projects related to the franchise, such as the new Detective Pikachu film and much more.