Porsche 718 electric, new investments for production

Porsche will produce future battery versions of the 718 starting next year.

With the aim of combining battery-powered models with their respective entry-level models, Porsche will invest up to 500 million euros in its factory. We are inevitably talking about an important figure, which follows the 700 million euros already allocated to the same plant in 2018-2019 for the assembly lines of the electric Taycan.

In 2023, therefore, the German car manufacturer will begin production of the next generation of sports cars Porsche 718 Boxster And Cayman 100% electric at its Zuffenhausen plant. The news, coming from an Automobilwoche report, confirms the German brand’s commitment to the restructuring of the site and the preparation of production lines dedicated to the new electric.

Let’s not forget that the series production of the future battery-powered models of the 718 has been delayed for a year not only because of the complexity technological development of the project but also because of the time reserved for coordination with the other brands of the Volkswagen Group.

However, we do know that the fully electric variants of the 718 will be based on the concept car Mission Rwill have an autonomy of about 400 kilometers and of EPP platform developed by the Zuffenhausen car manufacturer in collaboration with Audi.

Let’s not forget that Porsche has set a goal of achieving at least one third of global sales with electric vehicles by 2025 and two thirds by 2030. In addition to the electric Porsche Macan, the German manufacturer will also achieve these important objectives thanks to the arrival on the market of new zero-emission sports cars. In recent days, Porsche has also confirmed its commitment to the development of the synthetic fuel eFuel announcing its use on the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS during the ice race of the GP Ice Race in Zell am See in Austria. During the race, in fact, the German manufacturer used a very special petrol obtained from the processing of food waste.