PS Plus: March 2022 free games revealed! There is also a bonus game

Here we are again, here we are on the last Wednesday of the month, the moment in which Sony officially unveils what will be the next free games to be redeemed in the PS Plus subscription service. This service has now existed for three generations and subscribers have learned how to get at least three new games to add to their digital libraries. As every month, the rumors have been numerous, but let’s see which ones are titles available starting March 1, 2022.

The first game that will be featured as a free PS5 title starting next month will be Ghostrunner, the frenetic action that will put you in the shoes of a cybernetic ninja. Level after level you will have to make your way through the areas of a city in full cyberpunk style infested with a series of enemies and obstacles. In addition to being a title that is all about the skill and reflexes of the players, Ghostrunner will always look for new ways to put a spoke in the wheel.

The second title in the assorted choice of free titles for PS Plus subscribers is Ark Survival Evolved, one of the most loved and played survival of the last generations. Left alone on an island full of dangers and gigantic dinosaurs, your task will be to obtain better and better resources to survive in one of the most fearsome places the videogame universe has ever known.

To conclude the trio there is a title that is much more arcade and also suitable for a more casual audience of players: Team Sonic Racing. The arcade racing game featuring the most famous mascots of the SEGA brand is ready to whiz on your consoles in a flood of both single player and multiplayer modes.

Finally, there is also a bonus title for this month, which is: Ghost of Tsushima Legends, the multiplayer part of the exclusive Sucker Punch PlayStation. Unlike the base game, Legends will take you to discover the myths and legends of ancient feudal Japan, including being from some of the classic stories handed down over generations.

If you are not yet a PlayStation Now subscriber and are curious to explore the ever-evolving catalog, you can subscribe to the Sony service also on Amazon at this address