PUBG New State live on Twitch with the new ROG Phone 5s PRO | Live from 15.30

The new PUBG New State, a battle royale that takes the formula of the original, one of the most successful titles of the genre, and expands it with new settings, game mechanics and ambitions has been available on Android and iOS for a few days. It’s not perfect and it will certainly need to be improved over time, but there is no doubt that this is an important release for fans, so we thought we’d bring it to live on Twitch, play a few games with it, and give you our hot ratings.

To do this we will use the ROG Phone 5s Pro, the latest addition to the Asus gaming phone line that we reviewed a few days ago and which is perfect for the purpose. It is in fact a device designed to play both in terms of performance, with the Snapdragon 888 Plus under the hood and a panel with an excellent 144Hz refresh rate, and in terms of controls, with a set of additional touch buttons. which should give us a good margin of customization even with PUBG New State.

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