Recent game EA abandons the company, it will become free-to-play

Not all marriages end with joy: this is the case, for example, of Velan Studios and EA. In fact, the irvine publisher will no longer publish Knockout City, with the developers who have decided to continue their journey alone, also changing the distribution model of the title, which will become free-to-play.

The announcement came in the course of today, directly from the development team. The separation from EA is already underway and will materialize when season six of the game, called Greatest Hits, arrives. The new season of Knockout City will be launched in the spring and will coincide with the first year of the game. In that moment, Knockout City will go free-to-play, thus opening the doors to all those who want to try it. At first the game was actually already free but now with this move it will become permanent, a sign of how developers rely more on a live service model than on the most classic one adopted to date.

However, anyone who bought the title will not be disappointed. Velan Studios has indeed decided to offer a consolation package, called the Loyalty Bundle, which will launch as soon as the title enters its sixth season. It will include a number of legendary cosmetics, an XP boost, and over 2,000 Holobuxes as a thank you for the support.


Finally, Knockout City will obviously be released independently from his development studio. “We could never have introduced the game to the whole world without the incredible support of EA Originals, but now that we are moving to the free-to-play model, the best move is to take control of the rights and rights. publishing duties and thus working even more closely with our community ”, the words of Velan Studios stated in a press release.

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