Redmi K50 Pro without veils: few specifications, many photos and killer price

This year Redmi has chosen to take a different path: it inaugurated the K50 range starting from the Gaming Edition, doing the opposite of 2021 when it was K40, K40 Pro and K40 Pro + that opened the dance and finally, two months later, K40 Gaming arrived. The lack of analogies with what happened last year makes us lose the time references on the “standard” K50s, which could again be three or only two since nothing has yet circulated on the Pro + variant.

Will they arrive in April, like K40 Gaming, or sooner? The rumors so far had not given birth to hypotheses, but the fact that the renders arrive numerous and well detailed, moreover, from an “institution” such as OnLeaks suggest to credit (the portal that collaborated with the informant) according to which it will come around the mid 2022at a price that at the current exchange rate in the United Arab Emirates would be equivalent to 260 euros approximately.

If this were the case, however, enthusiasm should be kept at bay, because between higher import costs, taxes and various taxes in Europe it would certainly cost more. The interesting aspect that emerges from the images is that in a rather standardized market in terms of aesthetic solutions, Redmi seems to have gone against the tide, differentiating the products within the same range, or at least Redmi K50 Pro from the Gaming variant.

If the images were to be accurate, K50 Pro would in fact have a rear camera group different from the one seen on Gaming, where it was preferred to emphasize performance with a look that was as “aggressive” as possible. Redmi K50 Pro, on the contrary, looks like a product without crickets for the head and why not also elegant because of the curved edges, even with one step on the camera group which to read the specifications will be quite pronounced compared to the rear surface (almost 3 centimeters).

Below the specifications emerged on Redmi K50 Pro.


  • screen: from 6.6 inches, probably the use of an OLED
  • chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1
  • memories: from 6 GB of RAM and up, 128 or 256 GB of storage space
  • cameras rear: three, 64 MP main
  • battery And charging: 4,700 mAh with 120 watt fast charge
  • size: 163.2 x 76.2 x 8.7mm, 11.4mm thick taking into account the camera group