Oppo has eliminated 95% of the plastic used in the packaging of its smartphones

Oppo celebrates the goals achieved on the front of the environmental sustainability. “We have reduced 95% of the overall plastic used in smartphone packaging“, Says the producer with a press release sent on the eve of Mobile World Congress 2022 to be held in Barcelona.

In his Sustainability Report 2021Oppo explains that it is committed to implementing the principles of “3R + 1D” sustainable packaging, following internationally recognized criteria. Criteria that require reducing the weight of packaging, for example by using recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials. And the results can be seen: from 2019 to today, Oppo has reduced the amount of plastic by 95% used to make the packages and packaging of its smartphones.

The company explains that at this stage it is not yet possible to give up all plastic materials, but that precisely for this reason, where other solutions are not feasible, it has chosen to use polylactic acid, which is a biodegradable material. Added to this is another fact: 45% of Oppo smartphone packaging sold in European markets is made of recycled fiber, further reducing the use of raw materials.

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A formula, explains Oppo, which reflects the company’s mission: “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World“. Technology at the service of man, and not vice versa.

But reducing waste in the packaging production process is not the only goal that inspires Oppo’s action. The brand explained that it has also introduced a Battery Health Engine proprietary designed to increase the life of the batteries, increasing the longevity of smartphones and reducing the need to replace the batteries by anticipating the end of the device’s life cycle. “With this innovative technology, the battery capacity is able to remain at 80% after more than 1600 charge-discharge cycles“, Reads the Oppo statement.

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To this is added the Oppo’s official trade-in program , which allows you to deliver smartphones purchased in the past to get a discount on the purchase of the brand’s new products. Thanks to this program, over 1.2 million smartphones are already recycled in China alone. That’s about 216 tons of electronic waste, explains Oppo. In the countries of the European Union, Oppo also provides financial support to recycling centers and participates in the Green Dot recycling program.

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