Second release from former Bored Ape Yacht Club artist: Sneaky Vampire NFT Collection

Los Angeles, California, USA, February 20, 2022: Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS) is an independent NFT project from former Bored Ape Yacht Club artist Mig and is enjoying huge popularity. The artist officially announced that he will be releasing his second NFT collection called Sneaky Vampire. The collection consists of 12,345 female vampires who will join their 8,888 male counterparts from the first collection at The Lair. The Lair is the place all vampires call home: it exists in the Metaverse, away from harmful sunlight and pesky vampire hunters.

Mig collaborated with Superand, a team of veteran cryptocurrency developers and leaders in a joint effort that launched the first collection of 8,888 male vampires last year in September 2021. So far, this collection generated over 21,600 ETH in transaction volume on the NFT platform Open Sea. It was an immediate success, as all the Gen 1 vampires were sold out, leading the team to create their female counterparts: the Sneaky Vampiresses.

entry level project

With the launch of this new collection, the SVS team wants to promote the inclusion and representation of women within the NFT space, until now dominated by men. Thanks to its accessibility and easy to understand projects, SVS is seen as a safe place for any new and experienced collector to get involved. Therefore, the new collection Vampiress Syndicate It should appeal to women and everyone who is new and looking to get involved in the NFT art space.

female inclusion

The SVS team works with eight female artists to help create eight unique Sneaky Vampires editions that will be featured in this new collection. This will help underrecognized and underrepresented female artists within the space get the recognition they deserve.

The Genesis SVS NFTs were a huge success and we haven’t taken our foot off the gas. From the beginning, we built this around nurturing our community and creating the best environment possible. We believe that the release of Vampiresses will continue to grow our ecosystem in the right direction.”, said Thomas Kekker, project leader at SVS.

Additional expansion of the project.

With the addition of these Sneaky Vampiress female NFTs, the team will also lay the groundwork for the upcoming “Blood Pact” breeding mechanism. Those who own Vampire and Vampiress NFTs can use these assets to spawn in the near future. The $BLOOD token will be at the core of this new feature. When SVS holders stake their NFTs, they will earn three $BLOOD tokens per day in return.

February release

The whitelist presale for the Sneaky Vampiress collection is scheduled for February 21 at 3 pm (ET) to February 22 at 3 pm (ET). Those who own the Gen 1 vamps will automatically be whitelisted to mint Gen 2. Those who don’t can purchase one before pre-sale to automatically join the whitelist and take advantage of discounts on purchasing female vamps. Having the male and female variant will create the “perfect match”.

8,888 presale spots have been allocated to existing Sneaky Vampire holders out of 12,345 Sneaky Vampiresses. The remaining places are assigned to large, female-led communities, along with public minting.

February 22 at 4 pm ET is when the public minting will begin. This will continue until the big reveal five days later on February 28, when buyers will be able to see which female vampire they have minted.

The SVS team has taken a tiered pricing approach, where the $BLOOD utility token can be used to claim up to 50 percent off Sneaky Vampiress NFTs. The base price is set at 0.16 ETH. Those who use 100 $BLOOD tokens are offered a reduced base price of 0.12 ETH. For those who have 200 $BLOOD tokens, the price starts at just 0.08 ETH.

About the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS) is an independent NFT project consisting of two different NFT collections. The Generation 1 collection contains 8,888 male vampires, and the accompanying Generation 2 includes 12,345 female vampires. Created by Mig, the former Bored Ape Yacht Club artist, each vampire is unique, hand-drawn with their own features and expressions. From the beginning, the SVS team has continued with its vision of constant innovation, community building and seeking to make all aspects of the project as fair as possible.