Release date and trailer for The Dawn of the Witch

Some time ago Crunchyroll had announced the anime of The Dawn of the Witch (Mahōtsukai Reimeiki) adaptation of the fantasy light novel series by Kakeru Kobashiriset in the same universe as Grimoire of Zero. Now, the official site of the anime has released a new key visual as well as the first trailer of The Dawn of the Witchwhich reveals 3 additional cast members and the premiere, scheduled for April 7.

The key visual and the trailer of The Dawn of the Witch

Satoshi Kuwabara (The Quintessential Quintuplets, Girlfriend) directs the anime and deals with the composition of the series at Tezuka Productions. Kobashiri And Mayumi Morita (Black Jack 21) are accredited for literature. Reina Iwasaki is drawing the characters. Minoru Nishida (Yasuke) is responsible for the artistic setting e Yumi Aburaya (Adachi and Shimamura) is working on color design. Wataru Uchida (Conquest) takes care of the assembly. Satoshi Motoyama (The irregular at magic high school) is the sound director and Bit Grooove Promotion is the sound producer. Kobashiri is credited with the original work as the light novel illustrator Takashi Iwasaki is credited for the original character design.

This is the new key visual:

The newly announced cast members are: Yumiri Hanamori as a mysterious witch who knows Saybil’s past. (Hanamori previously played the witch in the anime Grimoire of Zero), Masaaki Yano plays the Mercenary, a large fallen white tiger. (Tsuyoshi Koyama played a similar character always called the Mercenary in Zero’s grimoire) And Masaaki Mizunaka it will be a blindfolded priest.

The Dawn of the Witch

Previously it was announced: Shūichiro Umeda in the role of Saybil e Miho Okasaki in the role of Loux Krystas.

The Dawn of the Witch

We then Sayumi Suzushiro in the role of Holt e Taku Yashiro in the role of Kudо̄.

The Dawn of the Witch

This is the synopsis:

The light novel series is set in the same fantasy world as Kobashiri’s (Grimoire of Zero) light novel series Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahō no Sho, now at peace after enduring a conflict between the church and the witches for 500 years. However, the embers of war still burn in some regions of the world. The story centers on Cervil, a hopeless student at the College of Magic of the Kingdom of Wenias. Cervil has somehow lost all memory of his time before he went to college. The school principal Albus sends him for special training in the southern part of the continent, where the persecution against witches is strong.

Below you can watch the trailer:

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