Released the first trailer of the new anime Tokyo Mew Mew

The new anime of Tokyo Mew Mew was announced in April 2020, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary from the debut of the manga of Reiko Yoshida And Mia Ikumiin addition to the magazine’s 65th anniversary Nakayoshi on which it was originally published. Now, during the live-streaming of the event Tokyo Mew Mew New Anime Information Big ♡ Big ♡ Announcement Event !!! The first trailer of the anime has finally been released which previews the song Cat! Shite Super Girls sung by cast members Smewthie. During the event, the other cast members and the premiere, scheduled for July, were announced.

All new information on the new anime Tokyo Mew Mew

The new cast members who will be joining the Yuki Tenma as Ichigo (Mew Berry), Mirai Hinata in that of Mint Aizawa (Mew Mina), Ryōko Jūni as Lettuce Midorikawa (Mew Lory), Rian Toda in that of Pudding Fong (Mew Paddy) e Momoka Ishii in the role of Zakuro Fujiwara (Mew Pam) are: Yūma Uchida as Masaya Aoyama, the best student of her year at Ichigo school, Yūichi Nakamura as Ryō Shirogane, a mysterious and wealthy high school student who launches the μ (pronounced “myū”) project to defend Earth from aliens and Yusuke Shirai in the role of Keiichiro Akasaka, the main figure of the research with Ryō Shirogane.

Tokyo Mew Mew

We then Kaori Ishihara as Masha, a high-end R-2000 robot.

Tokyo Mew Mew

The staff members are: Takahiro Natori (Aria the Twilight, Cannon Busters) is the director of the new anime for Yumeta Company and Graphinica. Yuka Yamada (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Bungaku Shōjo, Neo Angelique Abyss) writes the scripts. Satoshi Ishino (Date A Live, No. 6) is the character designer, while Toshiki Kameyama the sound designer.

Below you can watch the trailer:

About Tokyo Mew Mew

Tokyo Mew Mew was born as a manga series written by Reiko Yoshida and illustrated by Mia Ikumi, published in the magazine Nakayoshi of the Kodansha publishing house between 2000 and 2003. Kodansha Comics then published the manga in three volumes omnibus with a new translation in 2011.

From 2003 to 2004 Yoshida and Ikumi also serialized a sequel manga titled Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode and in November 2019 Madoka Seizuki launched Tokyo Mew Mew Ōre which focuses on male characters instead of female characters from previous manga and anime. Finally, from December 2019 to January 2020 Yoshida and Ikumi have published a new manga concluded in two chapters and entitled Tokyo Mew Mew 2020 Re-Tur.

As for the anime adaptation, it was broadcast in Japan, for a total of 52 episodes, on TV Aichi from April 2002 to March 2003 while in Italy, it was broadcast in 2004 on Italia 1 with the title Mew Mew – Winning friends.

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